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Plotter Add-in 6 Version History

2024-02-09 - Version 6.7.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.7.0

Bug fixes:

  • The last screen position of the Properties dialog was not correctly restored when opened
  • If a Y-axis did not use the full available height in the Plotter window, a data cursor having the “Value-Y” style did not measure/display values correctly

2022-12-22 - Version 6.6.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.6.1


  • Performance of loading and saving of files greatly improved, and load/save operations consume much less RAM

Bug fixes:

  • A data cursor showed the signal unit in its tooltip even if the data cursor was configured to show only the x-value
  • If a Y-axis did not use the full available height in the Plotter window, a data cursor having the 'Peak-Peak' style did not measure/display values correctly
  • A few corrections in the German translation of the user interface

2022-06-14 - Version 6.6.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.6.0


  • New command to create a new Y-axis for a specific channel
  • New possibility to rotate the Y-axis title 90 degrees so that it is displayed horizontally

Bug fixes:

  • Object Model: After changing the Y-axis of a channel in the Properties dialog window, the Channel.YAxis property still returned the previous Y-axis

2021-09-22 - Version 6.5.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.5.0

Bug fixes:

  • Assigning a signal to a channel in the Properties dialog box did not adjust the name and title of the channel according to the signal name if the Plot initially had been loaded from a file

2020-12-04 - Version 6.4.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.4.1


  • New Unit column can be included in the Legend
  • Automation interface: Added new Channel.Unit property and new Legend object to support automating the appearance of the legend

2020-10-30 - Version 6.4.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.4.0


  • When importing data from a tracer, a status bar will be displayed with information about the progress while the trace is being searched for signals and while the actual import is in progress

2020-02-17 - Version 6.3.5 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.5


  • Automation Interface: New methods Plotter.ExportToCSV and Plotter.SaveImage

2019-06-07 - Version 6.3.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.1


  • New option to create separate Y-axes for signals imported from a tracer, to reproduce behavior of PCAN-Explorer 5

Bug fixes:

  • When a new channel or y-axis was added in the Properties dialog box, the settings from the User Defaults file were not applied
  • Names of y-axes could not be changed in the Properties dialog box

2019-03-26 - Version 6.3.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.3.0


  • New possibility to export fully qualified names of signals when exporting data to a CSV file

Bug fixes:

  • Selecting the Set Master Axis command from the Y-axis context menu triggered an Access Violation error

2018-08-31 - Version 6.2.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.2.1

Bug fixes:

  • If signals were imported from a Tracer into the Plotter a Runtime Error 216 (Access Violation) could occur when PCAN-Explorer was closed

2018-07-20 - Version 6.2.0 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.2.0


  • New possibility to choose custom font colors for the various textual elements in a plotter window
  • New data cursor command to find the timestamp of a data-point in an open Trace window (only for tracers with buffer types dynamic, ring, and linear)

Bug fixes:

  • When signals were imported from a tracer, the Select Signals to Import dialog box could be displayed behind the main PCAN-Explorer window

2018-01-12 - Version 6.1.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.1.1

Bug fixes:

  • The X-Axis Span drop-down list was not updated with the value from a loaded plotter file

2017-06-09 - Version 6.0.12 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.12


  • New option to control whether Y-axis scale labels can be replaced by enum strings of signals

2017-04-07 - Version 6.0.11 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.11

Bug fixes:

  • When a new cursor was added to a Plotter while the Cursor display was enabled in the toolbar, the new cursor was not initially visible. To make the new cursor visible, the Cursor option had to be toggled off and on again in the toolbar
  • Newly added cursors used a different font to draw the cursor value tooltip window than the predefined first cursor

2016-11-04 - Version 6.0.7 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.7


  • Additional quick-select values in the X-Axis span drop-down list (100 ms, 500 ms, 1 s, 24 hrs)

Bug fix:

  • After assigning a signal to a channel in the Properties dialog box on the Channels page, the channel name was not correctly set to the signal name if the signal was part of a multiplexer definition

2016-06-09 - Version 6.0.1 - Part of PCAN-Explorer 6.0.1

  • Decoupling of the configuration of Y-axis and channels to improve presentation and handling
  • First Release