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2010-10-12 · PCAN-GPRS Link · E1-certified development platform with CiA® 447 and OBD-2

PEAK-System expands the functional range of its development platform PCAN-GPRS Link. The device...

2010-07-08 · PCAN-Diag · CAN Bus Analysis with the Handheld Device PCAN-Diag

Various properties of a CAN bus can be analyzed in mobile applications with the handheld device...

2010-07-08 · PCAN-Router Pro · Connecting CAN Buses with the New PCAN-Router Pro

PEAK-System introduces the PCAN-Router Pro linking the data traffic from up to four High-speed...

2010-03-22 · PCAN-ExpressCard · ExpressCard/CAN Interface

With the PCAN-ExpressCard PEAK-System Technik offers a solution for the CAN connection of...

2010-03-15 · PCAN-PCI/104-Express · CAN Interface for PCI/104-Express Systems

A computer interface for connecting a CAN bus to a PC/104 system with PCI Express connection is...

2009-11-11 · PCAN-USB Pro · High-Speed USB 2.0 to CAN-/LIN-Interface

PEAK-System Technik offers the PCAN-USB Pro as a new module of the USB adapter series. It is a...

2009-10-09 · PCAN-Explorer 5 Press Release · New Version released

PEAK-System Technik has released version 5 of their PCAN-Explorer for...

2009-06-16 · PCAN-USB Hub Press Release · All-in-one adapter for communication via CAN, USB and RS-232

The PEAK-System Technik GmbH offers a new module, the PCAN-USB Hub. It is...

2009-02-17 · MU-Thermocouple1 CAN Press Release · Configurable System for Data Acquisition and Processing

With the temperature measuring unit MU-Thermocouple1 CAN PEAK-System...