Engineering on your demand – From our experts: tailor-made developments ...

Whether you build vehicles for use on road, rail, or in the air – whether you develop manufacturing plant and machinery or consumer goods – as specialists in fieldbus communication we support you from the very outset. And being perfectionists, we are never satisfied until your product is working absolutely perfectly.

... for the automotive industry

For example ...

  • Simulation and controls for vehicle prototypes and concept cars
  • Vehicle instrument displays (speedo and entertainment simulation)
  • Process measurement and control systems for small batch runs and prototypes
  • Onboard microcomputers
  • Prototype I/O connections

... for the aircraft industry

  • Current monitoring devices for Pitot tube heating
  • Customer-defined display systems
  • LCD display activation
  • Diagnostic hardware and software

OEM development

One of our products fits your portfolio? Your development department is under pressure? We have the ideal solution for you:

  • Adaptation of our products to your specific needs
  • Available as customer OEM-product (your logo, your case)
  • Translation of your ideas into ready-to-manufacture products
  • Advice and consultation on hardware and software development
  • Fixed-price development on your behalf

Quality and safety:

We have our own products and customer specific OEM products produced in reputable manufacturing companies in Germany and throughout Europe.