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The following programs and tools can be used to work with the CAN or LIN bus, to configure products, or to keep your device and system up to date. All downloads are available free of charge. A PC interface from PEAK-System is required for the fieldbus connection.


Windows® software for displaying, transmitting, and recording CAN and CAN FD messages.


Plot Viewer

Free Windows® software to display records (PLT files) created with the PCAN-Explorer Plotter Add-in.



The COTI DLL allows the use of PEAK-System PC-CAN interfaces with the CANopen® Conformance Test Tool by CAN in Automation (CiA®).


PCAN-MicroMod FD Configuration

Configuration software for PCAN-MicroMod FD products for Windows®.


PCAN-MicroMod Configuration

Configuration software for PCAN-MicroMod products for Windows®.


PPCAN-Editor 2

Windows® configuration software for PCAN-MIO and PCAN-Router Pro.


Thermocouple Configuration

Windows® configuration software for MU-Thermocouple1 CAN.


PEAK-Converter 2

Conversion of trace data to various output formats using the conversion software PEAK-Converter for Windows® 10, 8.1 (32/64-bit).


PEAK-Trace Splitter

The PEAK-Trace Splitter for Windows® 10, 8.1 (32/64-bit) is used to split large trace *.trc files into multiple smaller files. The supported *.trc is a text based trace file format for CAN messages by PEAK-System.


Bit Rate Calculation Tool

Software for calculating register values for CAN and CAN FD bit rates for Android, iOS, and Windows®.

Android iOS Windows

PCAN-Symbol Editor 6

Windows® software for creating and editing Symbol files.



Easy-to-use tool for updating the firmware of PEAK-System hardware products as well as CAN and LIN adapters.


PCAN-OBD-2 Viewer

Software for the presentation and processing of OBD-2 data for Windows® 10, 8.1 (32/64-bit).


PEAK-System Driver and Software Analysis Tool

The tool PEAK System Information searches for all files and Registry entries that have been installed or caused by software of PEAK-System Technik on the computer.


TeamViewer QuickSupport version for PEAK-System

If you got an invitation of our support, use this version of TeamViewer QuickSupport to establish a remote desktop connection. This Windows® software requires no installation.

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Outdated Software:

The listed software applications are outdated. Their use is not recommended and support is limited. Most likely, they have been replaced by an enhanced software.

PCAN-Flash (outdated)

Windows® software for updating firmware via CAN. The development on PCAN-Flash is no longer continued. Please use PEAK-Flash instead.