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Training CAN and PCAN-Explorer

We want to help you getting started in the world of the CAN bus - in this case with a practical training that imparts both fundamental knowledge on the CAN bus in general as well as the work with our CAN analysis software PCAN-Explorer.

The training is designed for two days. The theory is changed gradually to the practice. A CAN bus is built up and connects computers of the participants and a microcontroller circuitry. The analysis of CAN traffic is done using fully functional trial licenses of PCAN-Explorer to be installed on the computers.

The intended audience are newcomers to the CAN matter and to the PCAN-Explorer who want to know what is happening on the CAN bus.

Product information PCAN-Explorer 6


CAN Fundamentals (½ day theory)

  • Properties and applications
  • CAN in the ISO/OSI model
  • Physical transmission types
  • High-speed CAN in detail
    • Structure
    • Bus lengths
    • Differential signal
    • Signal levels
  • Layout of a CAN frame
  • Arbitration
  • Frame types
  • Error detection and error states of the CAN controller
  • Possible error sources at implementation of a CAN bus
  • CAN FD

PCAN-Explorer Introduction (1½ days workshop)

  • Possible applications
  • Features
  • Setup of PCAN hardware and software
  • First steps to a CAN connection
  • Managing the PCAN-Explorer
  • CAN recordings with the Tracer
  • CAN message filtering
  • Symbolic representation of CAN messages
    • Symbols File: structure, creation possibilities, application
    • Timeouts for trouble shooting
    • CANdb handling (optional Add-in)
    • J1939: short introduction and instructions for use (optional Add-in)
  • Curve presentation and analysis (optional Plotter Add-in)
  • Self-made Instruments Panel (optional Add-in)
  • Introduction to scripting possibilities

Offer for Individuals

Training on a specified date at PEAK-System in Darmstadt and in Neumünster for individual registrations.

Duration2 days
TimeAt both training days from 9 to 4 o'clock each.
Number of participantsMinimum 4, maximum 8 persons.
We reserve the right to cancel a training if less than the minimum number of participants have signed in until four weeks prior to the scheduled date.
LocationPEAK-System in Darmstadt or in Neumünster (see dates below)
LanguageWe offer separate trainings in German and in English languages.
Price650 € per person plus VAT

Included are the two-day training as well as drinks and lunch.

Next Trainings

In the course of the spread of the corona virus we do not offer new dates for English trainings the time being.

If German is an alternative for you, the following dates are for training courses in German with a maximum of 4 persons at our location in Neumünster, Germany.

  • 22nd and 23rd September (Tue + Wed)

Requests for training dates in English are welcome.



Offer for Groups

Training for a group with date and location according to your demand. For the contents mentioned above, it is possible to set focus on selected topics or to omit content points.

Duration2 days
TimeAccording to the arrangement. The period from 9 to 4 o'clock on both days of training has proven feasible.
LocationEither on-site in the rooms of your company/institution or at PEAK-System in Darmstadt.
Number of participants10 persons maximum.
LanguageThe training can be held either in German or in English.
Price4,200 € plus VAT

Included are the two-day course for up to 10 participants as well as travel and accommodation expenses of the instructor. This price applies only to the training mentioned above within Germany.

Of course we can make an individual offer according to your requirements.

Additional Offer PCAN-Explorer License

If you need a permanent license for the PCAN Explorer after the training, get 10 % discount on the purchase of a single license per person once, also for add-ins. This offer is valid until 12 weeks after the training.

Training Materials

During the training, each participant receives the following training materials:

  • Hardcopy of the presentation slides in a ring binder
  • USB stick with
    • Setup for PCAN-Explorer incl. trial license
    • Sample files for use with the PCAN-Explorer
    • Background info about the treated topics
    • Contents of the Product DVD from PEAK-System
      (product information and manuals, device drivers, freely available software tools, APIs and examples for software development)
  • Training certificate


If you have questions about the trainings or if you like to register, you can get in touch with us as follows:

Phone:+49 (0)6151-8173-46
Contact person:Mark Gerber