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11.12.2008 - PCAN-Explorer 4 - Version


  • Object model: New property Multiplexer.IsPaused
  • New Transmit list commands ResetCounter and ResetAllCounters
  • The bus load calculation uses fewer CPU time
  • Some painting issues in the user interface corrected for systems that use a higher DPI setting for the display
  • Improved speed when saving Trace files

Bug fixes:

  • If a large range of 29-bit CAN-IDs was assigned to symbol, PCAN-Explorer freezed when activating the Symbols file
  • If the bus load indicator was activated and PCAN-Explorer was not connected to a net when exiting the program, on the next start a dialog box to connect a "PEBusLoad" client was displayed.
  • Assigning a value to the Signal.StringValue property did not work
  • Item Browser: when refreshing the display using the F5 key, the vertical scroll position was altered sometimes


  • Object model: Assigning a value to the Signal.Value property that is not within the defined range of values (Signal.Min and Signal.Max properties), the signal value is now set to either the Min or the Max value