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06.07.2009 - PCAN-Explorer 4 - Version


  • The application consumes less CPU time at high bus loads

Bug fixes:

  • Standard Macros: If no waiting time was specified for a WaitKey statement, the macro did not always wait for an infinite time
  • If a Symbols file contained only definitions for symbols with extended CAN IDs smaller or equal to 7FFh, and the Global Filter Mode was set to “Only Symbols”, no more messages were shown in the Receive list
  • Object model: Calling the Document.Save method in a VBS Macro could result in a lockup
  • Object model: The properties TraceMessage.Timestamp and TraceMessage.TimestampAbs always returned 0. The property TraceMessage.TimestampAbsString always returned an empty string
  • Object model: If one of the methods Messages.FindID, Messages.FindSymbol, or Messages.FindMultiplexer was called, the returned collection contained every found message twice
  • Standard Macro: If a Symbol and Multipexer was provided for a Send or WaitData statement, the specified data bytes were not interpreted correctly