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08.06.2010 - PCAN-Explorer 4 - Version


  • New option to show/hide the Macro Tray Icon

Bug fixes:

  • If no Windows Explorer task was running when a Macro was started, the Macro Tray Icon could not be displayed and the application crashed after showing an error message
  • Edit Variables dialog box: If an Enum value was selected from the drop-down list with the mouse and then the Enter key was pressed, an error message “Invalid value” was displayed
  • Object model: Calling the methods FindMultiplexer or FindSymbol of one of messages collections in a script did yield any results
  • If an Enum was assigned to a variable that contained a long string, the application could crash when the string was displayed in the Receive/Transmit or Tracer window
  • If Symbol names used the maximum length of 30 characters, strange characters were shown for Error Warnings in the Trace window
  • If a 4-byte Float variable contained the value NaN (not a number), under Windows® XP a runtime error occurred if the variable value was shown in the Receive list or in a Tracer window