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05.09.2007 - PCAN-Explorer 4 - Version

(B) Bugfix (I) Improvment (C) Change

  • (B) Window menu: the window title was not updated in the window menu when the caption of a window changed, e.g. by saving the document under a new name
  • (B) Watch window: if a column was added/removed to/from the Watch window using the context menu, a program exception could occur
  • (B) Tools menu: commands of Add-ins were not shown in the Tools menu
  • (B) Object model: setting the properties DLC or MsgType of the CANMessage object did not update the displayed values in a transmit list
  • (B) Add-in Manager Dialog box: after manually installing an Add-in, the correct loading status was not displayed
  • (B) Options Dialog box: under Windows Vista there was no blinking cursor visible if the input focus was on the Default Directories list
  • (I) Tracer window: changing between absolute or relative Time stamps can be done now via the Tracer window context menu
  • (I) The Tracer window can now display Time-outs that were defined in an activated Symbol file
  • (I) Tracer window: the Search command is now also available in Tracer windows