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2009-10-13 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.0.2


  • New Events tab in the Output window. When an event is logged but the Events tab or the whole Output window is not visible, a flashing "New Events" indicator in the Status bar of the main window notifies about new events. Events are logged e.g. when an error occurs while transmitting a CAN or J1939 message, during J1939 address claiming, when a bus error is detected, or when a PCAN hardware is plugged in or out
  • New toolbar in the Connections window, which allows adding of new connections, performing connection resets, and for J1939, claiming and releasing addresses
  • New data type "Raw" for J1939 variables with more than 8 data bytes
  • New "Raw Data" tab in the Edit Variables dialog box, where data of "Raw" variables can be edited, saved and loaded to and from a file
  • New dialog box "Inspect Variables" for Receive messages, which is similar to the Edit Variables dialog box without the possibility to edit values
  • The J1939 database is no longer encrypted. When selecting the J1939 protocol for a connection, a default J1939 Symbols file is automatically assigned to the connection, but a customizable J1939 Symbols file template or another user-defined Symbols file can be assigned manually
  • Selecting the Save All command now always saves the project, even if it hasn’t been modified. 
  • The Project Browser is automatically made visible when a new project is created
  • When a Transmit List is opened, which was created with PCAN-Explorer 4 or older, and the current project contains just one connection, all messages in the Transmit List are automatically assigned to this connection
  • When a Symbols file is applied and the project contains just one connection, the Symbols file is assigned to this connection without displaying the Select Connections dialog box
  • J1939: If identical PGNs are received from different source addresses, each message is now displayed in its own row
  • Transmit List files can now be dragged from the Library Browser into the Transmit List of the Receive/Transmit window or into other open Transmit Lists
  • Project Browser: "Apply" command now directly accessible from the context menu of a Symbols file. A new "Deactivate" command is available from an active Symbols file’s context menu

Bug fixes:

  • The Connections window was not updated correctly after a connection was deleted from a project that contained multiple connections
  • Start Page: If the input focus was set into the News list, pressing F1 to display the Online Help did not work
  • Deleting messages from the Transmit List did not always work
  • Pressing the "Close Tab" button did not work, if one of the docked Tool windows had the input focus
  • The Baud rate text and hardware icon of a J1939 connection in the Connections window was not updated after the connection has been activated
  • Edit Variables dialog box: The message "Invalid value" was displayed, when a value was selected with the mouse from the Enum drop-down list, and then the Enter key was pressed on the keyboard
  • When renaming files in the Project Browser, currently opened files were not renamed, only its counterparts on the hard disk or other storage location
  • After applying a Symbols file in the Text Editor, a misleading message could be displayed that informed about an externally modified file, after the PCAN-Explorer application lost and regained focus
  • The captions of toolbars were not translated correctly after the environment language was changed
  • Changing variable values of a large J1939 message corrupted the data bytes of the message
  • After performing a hardware reset on a J1939 connection, no more messages were received from the connection
  • When exporting trace data using the "Symbolic" or "Hex+Symbolic " methods, the bus column was always written into the file, even if the bus column was not selected for export
  • Copying of J1939 messages via the clipboard did not work
  • When a connection has been activated while a tracer was started, the messages of the newly activated connection were traced only after stopping and starting the tracer again.
  • No error message was displayed when a CAN connection was activated and its associated PCAN hardware returned an error because it was already in use by another PCAN net.
  • The Hex View display was not updated when a transmit message has been edited or variable values have been changed