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2009-12-08 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.0.4


  • Tracer: The Symbol column now also displays the name of an associated Multiplexer
  • Receive/Transmit window: Saving the message data is now possible in the Hex View via the context menu
  • Receive/Transmit window: Long Names of variables are now also shown in the Hint window when the mouse is positioned over a Variable in the Data column
  • Select Signals dialog box: Virtual signals are displayed in a separate category when the Category view is selected
  • J1939: Removed the restriction that Variables in large messages had to be byte-aligned when positioned beyond data byte 7

Bug fixes:

  • Several User Interface elements were not shown correctly if a larger text size (DPI) was selected in Windows
  • When trying to assign a keyboard shortcut to a command that did not have one initially, an Access Violation occurred
  • If the Transmit List contained one or more messages that were not assigned to any bus, executing one of the commands "Pause All" or "Resume All" produced an Access Violation
  • Object model: The TransmitMessages.Add method did not work
  • Output window: Selected text was not shown correctly on the "Macro" tab if a proportional font was used
  • When executing the "Reset Layout" command in the Options dialog box, a "Severe error" was reported if any documents were still open while resetting the layout
  • If the Signal display mode was set to "Long Name" in the Options dialog box, the Watch window didn’t show any text in the Name column if a Signal did not have a long name
  • Event handlers in VBS Macros did not work correctly
  • If a Floating window was closed and later opened again as an MDI child window, the MDI tab would appear but the window was outside the visible screen
  • If the main application window was maximized, activating and deactivating the Full Screen mode of a window restored the main window to its normal (not maximized) state
  • Some memory leaks were fixed
  • Transmitted RTR messages were not filtered correctly if a message filter contained a filter item of type "Adjust to Symbols"
  • Receive List: A comment, which was defined for a Variable, was not displayed as a hint if the mouse was positioned over a Variable in the data column

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins: 

  • Instruments Panel Add-in - Version Details ...