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2011-04-07 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.1.3


  • Importing transmit lists is now also possible via the File -> Import menu command, if the Receive/Transmit window has the input focus
  • If a signal of type "String" was selected in the Project Browser, the Property window showed the value 0 in the "Value" property. Now the string is displayed, which is contained in the Signal
  • In the Edit Variables dialog box, a variable value can now be edited by pressing the F2 key even if the grid has not the input focus
  • Since version 5.1.0 the help file was opened in the background already at program start. On some machines this caused the error message that a (non-existent) drive could not be accessed
  • The context menu of the MDI tab bar is shown only if the mouse cursor is directly above a tab
  • If an MDI client window is completely outside of the visible client area, selecting the corresponding tab brings the window back into view
  • New button on the Start Page to subscribe to the PCAN-Explorer news feed
  • New 'Internet' page in the Options dialog box to provide Proxy login data for the news feed on the Start page, which requires an internet connection
  • Properties window: The scrolling position and focused row are not changed when selecting another object of the same type
  • Properties window: Boolean properties are now shown as check boxes, not as drop-down lists with Yes/No items to reduce the number of required mouse clicks
  • Library window: The properties of files, symbols, multiplexers, and variables are now shown in the Properties window when selected

Bug fixes:

  • If the Plotter imported Trace data, the whole Trace buffer was searched for matching CAN messages. During this process the whole Trace buffer was copied, so that the memory usage of the Tracer was doubled
  • It could happen that the file path of a Symbols file was stored in the Project file as an absolute file path
  • In the Window menu, the list of currently open windows was always empty
  • Object model: If the Connections.Add method was called when no project was open, an access violation occurred in the Project Browser
  • Default values of virtual variable definitions in Symbols files were ignored
  • Pressing Tab or Shift+Tab activated the individual document windows in reverse order
  • When saving Trace files, an overflow error occurred for large timestamps (> 2^32 * 1000)
  • Output window: The horizontal scroll bar had no effect on the Macro tab
  • Pressing the middle mouse button on an inactive Tab of the MDI tab bar did not close the corresponding window
  • Connections that had a '@' in the net name did not work
  • External Tools dialog box: If only a path name with a closing backslash was entered in the Command field, pressing the browse button next to the field had no effect
  • Object model: The "Single Shot" option of a transmit message could not be set via the TransmitMessage.MsgType property
  • If a Trace window that contained unsaved data was closed, a message box was displayed that prompted the user to save the data. If the prompt was answered with "Yes", the Tracer began to save its data to file, but was closed before all data was saved, so trace data was lost
  • Sometimes the whole Receive list or Transmit list contents were scrolled one column position to the left so that the leftmost column disappeared, and the contents of the columns did not match the column headings
  • Changes to the fonts and colors of the Receive/Transmit window were not applied immediately, but only after the window was closed and reopened
  • For syntax errors in VBScript macros wrong line numbers were displayed for the error position in the Output window
  • For Transmit messages that had a matching Symbol definition with respect to the CAN-ID but a different data length, no Symbol name was displayed in the "Symbol" column
  • Object model: Calling one of the methods FindID, FindSymbol, or FindMultiplexer of the Messages collection caused a memory leak. The resulting Messages collection was never de-allocated

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins: