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2012-01-26 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.2.0


  • Compiled Standard macros are no longer stored in the hidden "Compiled Macros" directory. When running a Standard macro, it will always be recompiled
  • New possibility to export Trace files to CSV files
  • If macros in a VBS macro file were modified, executing the "Apply" command automatically updates the Project browser
  • Bookmarks that have been placed in text files are now restored when the text file is reopened
  • The Message Rate column can now also be used in Transmit lists
  • New Text Editor option "Find text at cursor"
  • New options to deactivate the News update for the Start Page and to configure the News update interval

Bug fixes:

  • Transmitted single-shot messages were never recorded by the tracer
  • If the "Auto-show Macro Status" option was disabled and the Macro Status window was already open when a macro was started, then nothing was displayed in the Macro Status window
  • Some minor translation issues were fixed
  • If the Windows Classic design was active, when loading or saving a Trace file the progress bar was not displayed correctly
  • Invoking the "Add Macro" command from the context menu of a VBS macro file caused an Access violation
  • After loading a Trace file that contained a file description, the Trace window was marked as unsaved
  • Variables that used the binary display mode, were sometimes not displayed completely, if they used a factor or offset
  • If a new Add-in was added in the Add-in Manager dialog box, the commands of the Add-in were not immediately included in the Tools menu and its added command bar buttons were not shown in the toolbar. Only after restarting the application, all commands and buttons were correctly displayed
  • If a Symbol was created in the Symbol Editor, whose name contained spaces, then the spaces in the symbol name were removed after loading the Symbols file in PCAN-Explorer

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins: