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2012-03-30 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.2.1


  • New optional "Time" column in Receive and Transmit lists
  • Virtual variables can be displayed in hexadecimal or binary
  • Variables of type "Char" can now be displayed in hexadecimal format
  • The Project Browser highlights Symbols files and CANdb files, which are currently in use by a connection, with a green tick

Bug fixes:

  • The message rate in the Receive list was sometimes displayed in exponential format
  • Invalid entries in layout files (*.dsk) could cause access violations
  • Under Windows® XP, Not-a-Number floating point signal values (NaN) caused "Severe error" messages and application crashes
  • When exporting a Trace file to a CSV file, time stamps were always written in absolute raw format, the selected timestamp format was ignored
  • When printing text files, the text was always printed on the default printer, regardless what printer was selected in the Print Settings dialog box
  • Adding a new virtual folder to a project or renaming a virtual folder caused a "Catastrophic failure" error message

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins: