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2012-09-06 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.3.0


  • New possibility to change the PCAN net of an existing connection
  • Offline filtering of Trace files
  • Start Page: New possibility to manually remove entries from the Recent Projects and Recent Files lists
  • Start Page: The Recent Projects list is no longer sorted according to the project modification date, but according to the order of last use
  • Object model: Objects TransmitMessage, ReceiveMessage, and TraceMessage have the new properties VariableValue and VariableStringValue, which provide an easy way to access variable values in specific messages
  • Object model: New method Signal.CalculateStatisticsFromTracer()



  • When a new message filter is created, the filter will only be included in the project, when the Edit Filter dialog box is closed with the OK button
  • New connections will no longer be named according to the selected PCAN net, but use a generic name


Bug fixes:

  • A message filter item that was working in Exclude mode, and which was configured to operate on a specific bus, blocked messages of other buses instead of letting them pass
  • Message filters: The Exclude flag of J1939 filter items was not stored in the project file
  • VBS functions or other VBS procedures with parameter values were wrongly recognized as VBS macros
  • Terminating PCAN-Explorer while a Trace file was still loading caused an access violation error
  • Deleting a J1939 message from the Receive list by pressing the DEL key could cause subsequent access violation errors, if the Receive list contained identical PGNs from different source addresses
  • Loading of ASC files fixed: A comment line in file header could interrupt the file loading process
  • Manually claiming a J1939 address in the range 148 ... 247 caused a program lockup


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