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2013-04-18 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.3.2


  • New possibility to define a global bit mask for the CAN IDs in a Symbols file


  • If a message filter contains only excluding filter items, all other messages can automatically pass the filter, without the need to define an additional include filter item

Bug fixes:

  • No error message was displayed if a Symbols file error was detected while loading a project
  • If a timeout definition was modified in a Symbols file, the changed definition had an effect only if the Receive list was cleared
  • When editing the topmost library path in the Options dialog box, a wrong text was displayed in the Path column
  • Watch window: Even if the value range of a signal was completely located in the positive or negative range, the meter display showed nevertheless a zero point on the x-axis
  • Watch window: If an existing Watch window entry was modified by entering a different signal name in the Name column, the new signal value was displayed immediately but all other columns remained unchanged. Also, an Access violation error could occur
  • When filtering J1939 messages, the individual filter items were combined in a wrong way so that no useful filtering could be accomplished if a filter contained more than one filter item
  • Executing one of the transmit list commands "Pause all" or "Resume all" did not store the changed Pause state of the messages in the project file
  • J1939 options were visible in the Options dialog box even when the J1939 Add-in was disabled in the Add-in Manager
  • If a transmit message was copied using Drag-and-Drop, the newly created transmit message had a wrong transmit cycle time
  • Filtering of messages using a CAN ID filter item did not work as expected if a received message had a matching Symbol that was based on a range of CAN IDs
  • If more than one connection shared the same PCAN hardware, changing the listen-only mode in one connection did not update the listen-only state of the other connections
  • Small bug corrected that could result in an Access violation error message when quitting the application
  • Standard macro: The Wait… statements could fail to detect a matching message if the message rate was very high
  • A standard macro could not transmit a message on a J1939 connection if the current project did not contain at least one enabled CAN connection


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