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2013-12-09 - PCAN-Explorer 5 - Version 5.3.3


  • Edit Variables dialog box: New option to control how enum values are displayed in the drop-down list
  • Support for Add-ins based on .NET Framework 4
  • Importing of ASC files that use a decimal number format
  • Trace CSV export: New option to control the output of the time column
  • The Symbol option 'Valid for all Data Lengths' can be used with J1939 symbols
  • New possibility to add a variable to the Watch window directly from within the Receive list, Transmit list, and Edit/Inspect Variables dialog box
  • Edit Message dialog box: new 'Info' column in the Multiplexers list
  • The Project Browser's scroll position is preserved when applying a file, or when the contents are manually updated by pressing the F5 key


  • Window style 'MDI Child' renamed to 'Tabbed Window'

Bug fixes:

  • Transmit list: Double-clicking the expand/collapse icons in the data column opened the Edit Variables dialog box, if hex data byte display was enabled
  • The drop-down menu of the toolbar's Reset button could show incorrect connection names
  • If an Add-in communicated an invalid document icon identifier to PCAN-Explorer, an access violation could occur when the associated Add-in window was created
  • Edit Variables dialog box: If a single-character Enum value was entered for a variable, the value was incorrectly transformed into a character code instead of getting the Enum's ordinal value
  • Instead of the VBS macro event Application_OnNewDocument the event Application_OnDocumentSave was triggered
  • The J1939 macro event J1939Node_OnMessageReceived was not triggered
  • When creating a new project, it could happen that unsaved data of a newly created document was discarded
  • After switching the style of a window (dockable, floating, tabbed), subsequent error messages or access violations could occur, especially when closing the window or the whole application


Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor:

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