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2015-09-30 - PCAN-Explorer 5.4.0 release now available


  • New possibility to sort the Transmit list by trigger, creator, and comment
  • New possibility to show differential timestamps in Trace windows, and to output differential timestamps when exporting a trace file
  • New optional "Time" column in the Watch window
  • New option in the Change Connection dialog box to enable/disable a connection
  • Sending a message from a Standard Macro now shows "Macro" as its creator in the Transmit List
  • If an error occurs while loading a Trace file or importing an ASC file, the error message now appears in the Output Window instead in a message box, and also indicate file name and error line number
  • New option to reset all Signal values to their default values when Connections are reset using the Reset command
  • New possibility to change the order of Watch List entries
  • New possibility to search backwards in the Text editor with the new "Find Previous" command (SHIFT+F3)
  • Improved Trace window scrolling with the Mouse Wheel
  • Tracer window: Error Counter changes now appear with the "Err.Cnt" type instead of "Error" to distinguish the counter changes from true Error Frames
  • Object model: New property Signal.RawValue
  • New possibility to define J1939 symbols that are only valid for specific destination addresses
  • Various internal optimizations

Bug fixes:

  • If the Receive/Transmit window was set to full screen mode while either the Receive or the Transmit list was maximized, restoring the hidden message list caused an error message "Grid index out of range"
  • Object model: Calling one of the methods ReceiveMessages.Clear, TransmitMessages.Clear, or TraceMessage.Clear from a VBS macro could cause random errors
  • Add Filter dialog: After switching from Standard to Extended and back for a CAN ID Range filter element, the upper CAN ID value was cleared
  • Since version 5.3.4 received J1939 messages with identical PGN but different source addresses were not displayed on separate rows in the Receive list
  • After opening a text window, the cursor was not always visible
  • Object model: Setting the J1939 SPNs 1214, 1640, 1649, 1596, 3036, 3297, and 4148 via the property TransmitMessage.VariableValue did not work correctly
  • When importing an ASC file that contained 6 decimal places in the timestamp value, the timestamp was not interpreted correctly
  • Importing an ASC failed if the timestamp in the header was specified in am/pm format and was dated between 12:00:00 pm and 12:59:59 pm
  • On rare cases, the expiry date of the PCAN-Explorer license was not read correctly from the license file, which caused an error message when the program was started, stating that the license expires in (large negative number) days
  • When editing a Remote Request message in the transmit list, clearing the Remote Request option did not make the data byte input fields visible again
  • Standard Macro: If a macro contained a statement to send a symbolic message on all available buses (Send AnyBus), the error message "No symbols available" was displayed when the Apply command was executed for the macro file
  • When searching for a specific text string in a Trace window and no line was selected in the window, the error message "Illegal logical index for LogBuffer" could occur
  • If a CANdb database file was removed from a project, not all previous references to the file were removed from the project file
  • If a format 1.1 trace file was loaded for a J1939 connection, the destination addresses were not initialized due to the missing "Reserved" column in the file. The Trace window then showed arbitrary values in the destination addresses column, which were also saved to file if the trace file was then saved in format 1.3
  • If the Watch window was docked to the left border of the main application window, after reopening the project all columns in the Watch window were moved to the left and nothing could be seen
  • Opening a file contained in the project using the Documents.Open method in a VBS Macro did not initialize the Document.FullName property correctly
  • The bit rate of a J1939 connection was not updated if the bit rate of the PCAN net was changed after disabling the connection, changing the bit rate, and enabling it again
  • If the Transmit List contained a message with its data bytes all set to 0, after closing and reopening the project the message's data bytes could be automatically changed if the transmit list also contained other messages with data bytes different from 0
  • If the Find dialog was visible while the application window was minimized, after restoring the application window the Find dialog could be hidden and also could no longer be invoked with the Edit.Find command (CTRL+F)
  • Clearing a floating/dockable Output Window using the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+ESC did not work reliably
  • If a Trace entry was selected and then the Trace window was closed, an Access Violation error could occur
  • If a document was opened in a VBS macro while full screen mode was active, the size of new document window was not correctly adjusted to the screen
  • When a Trace file was opened, its Buffer Type was always set to "dynamic", even when the Trace file was contained in the project and different settings had been selected for the file
  • Adjusting of Trace file properties in the Project Settings dialog box did not work correctly
  • Running a VBS macro containing a CreateObject() statement caused an error message under
    Windows 10
  • Some other minor bug fixes


Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor:

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