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2016-09-01 - PCAN-Explorer 5.4.1 release now available


  • If a new J1939 transmit message is created and a symbol is selected from the list, the destination address used last is automatically selected.
  • If a new project is created and closed without saving, the project's user interface layout no longer affects the default layout of PCAN-Explorer.
  • Importing ASC files improved.
  • Identical J1939 messages from different source addresses are now shown in different rows in the Receive list.
  • Object model: The property Application.CurrentTime now always returns correct values, even if the current project does not contain any active connections.
  • J1939 database updated to 2016-03.
  • The J1939 database now includes SLOT values according to J1939-71 Appendix A. SPN and SLOT value assignments are used to show range names according to J1939-71 chapter 5.1.5.
  • Some minor improvements and fixes.

Bug fixes:

  • Access violations could occur when a J1939 project was loaded that contained fast cyclic transmit messages.
  • If the Reset command was executed quickly several times in succession, the transmission of cyclic transmit messages was delayed more and more.
  • If the default transmit list was cleared via the Clear All command and the project was then saved, all messages were available again after reloading the project.
  • Scrolling the Macro Status window contents using the mouse wheel did not work properly with some mouse models.
  • Raw variables decoded their data always beginning at data byte 0, ignoring their actual position in the message data.
  • When a VBS macro accessed the property Tracer.Messages.Count, the application stopped responding.
  • When a trace file was exported to a CSV file, no timestamps were written to the file if a differential timestamp format was selected.
  • If a new pane was added to the Output Window via a VBS macro, an access violation occurred when the application was closed.
  • When the transmit list contained simultaneous cyclic CAN and J1939 messages, the transmission time accuracy of the messages deteriorated.
  • If the "Clear All" button in the Timeouts window was clicked while no project was open, an Access Violation occurred.
  • The Watch window showed the physical unit behind a signal value even when an enum string was shown for the current signal value.

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