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2017-01-16 - Version 6.0.10 release now available

Bug fixes:

  • If the Select Signal dialog box was opened from the Properties window, the correct signal was not always displayed if duplicate signal names were specified in the Symbols file
  • When the Show Bus Load option was enabled for a CAN connection that had no associated CAN hardware with a built-in bus load calculation, the self-calculated bus load was always based on a 1 MBit/s bit rate. Also, Error Frames were ignored during bus load calculation
  • The Window Border Snap option added in version 6.0.9 caused misaligned window borders when Tabbed document windows were maximized in the PCAN-Explorer workspace
  • Exporting a trace to CSV file did not work correctly if a common time column was selected in the Export Trace Data dialog box
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins

  • Instruments Panel Add-in - Version 6.0.10  Details ...