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2017-06-09 - Version 6.0.12 release now available


  • New command in the Project Manager context menu on the project node to open the folder containing the project in Windows File Explorer

Bug fixes:

  • For Error Frames with error position "passive error flag" no description of the position was displayed in the Trace window
  • Double-clicking in the text editor on a string enclosed in double quotes to select the whole word under the cursor included the quote characters in the selection
  • When the connection protocol was switched from CAN to J1939, previously enabled CAN options like Error Frames or Listen-only were still displayed in the Connections window Options column
  • When a trace file was played back that contained data for multiple busses, the messages were not sent with the correct timing if the time interval of the messages was very small
  • If parsing a Symbols file failed due to an error, and the file contained UTF-8 multi-byte characters, the error position highlighted in the text editor was not correct
  • Object Model: Iterating through the Windows collection with for..each did not work and displayed a strange error text
  • A silent installation of PCAN-Explorer with the /quiet command line parameter did not copy the license file
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

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