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2016-09-02 - Version 6.0.3 release now available


  • Some minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • If a CANdb file was active in the current project, and the associated window was opened and closed, performing a right-click on the file in the Project Manager triggered an error message
  • Disabling and re-enabling an Add-in in the Add-in Manager dialog box could trigger an error message, which stated that a file type could not be registered
  • Activating a Symbols file in the Project Manager did not automatically save changes made to the file even if the corresponding option was enabled in the Options dialog box
  • The Watch window showed the physical unit behind a signal value even when an enum string was shown for the current signal value
  • If a trace file contained Unicode characters in the header, e.g. in the file name, the application stopped responding for some time when the file was opened, and the data could not be read from the file

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor