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2016-10-13 - Version 6.0.5 release now available


  • The Select Signals to Export dialog box now allows to search for specific signals in the list
  • The PCAN-Explorer installation can now be modified or repaired from the Programs and Features control panel without the original installation file being required
  • Some minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Exporting data from a trace to a CSV file did work only for small trace files
  • Changing the background color of selected messages in the Receive-/Transmit window had no effect
  • If a new trace was created using the New File dialog box, the trace file could not be created when the recording was actually started and a corresponding error message was shown
  • If a format 3.1 Symbols file had no global DecimalSeparator parameter, the parser had problems interpreting floating point values specified in the file
  • When the Add Connection dialog box was opened to add a new connection to the project, an error message "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" could occur, and no connection could be added
  • When a Transmit List was saved that contained CAN FD messages, the data length was saved in a wrong format. Subsequent loading of the Transmit List resulted in incorrect data of the messages
  • Searching for text in the Trace window only searched in the visible area of the Trace file
  • If a message filter contained only Exclude items that operated on all busses, the filter did not work as expected
  • If an older Standard Macro file was loaded, adding a global bus parameter was not sufficient to make the macro run without errors
  • Some other minor bug fixes

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor