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2017-09-15 - Version 6.1.0 release now available


  • New possibility to specify value ranges for Symbols file enums (for Symbols file format 6.0)
  • The layout of the Message Filter dialog box has been optimized
  • Major overhaul of the Trace Export function. Now it is possible to export not only from a Tracer, but also from Receive and Transmit lists, to Text and CSV format. It allows flexible column selection and selection of elements to export
  • New possibility to add multiple signals to the Watch Window in one step through an extended Signal Selection dialog box
  • Object Model: New method Signals.SelectSignals()
  • New possiblity to enter a comment text for a transmit message directly in the Edit Message dialog box

Bug fixes:

  • After editing a VBS macro, a previously assigned keyboard shortcut was gone until PCAN-Explorer was restarted
  • Object Model: It was not possible to create a J1939 transmit message through automation interfaces
  • Object Model: It was not possible to set the destination address of a J1939 PDU2 transmit message with more than 8 data bytes through automation interfaces
  • An error message "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" was triggered in the Edit Message dialog box when the Symbols list had the input focus and a key was pressed on the keyboard
  • Access Violation in Symbols Parser when a Motorola signal was defined that had fewer than 8 bits and a default value
  • Object Model: Changing a J1939 transmit message using automation interfaces caused the J1939 type to be lost, when the data length of the message was 8 bytes or less, and if either the property TransmitMessage.DataVariant or TransmitMessage.DataArray was used to update the message data
  • The menu command Transmit -> Load Send Symbols did not set the correct message types for FD or J1939 messages
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

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