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2018-07-20 - Version 6.2.0 release now available


  • New option "Show timestamps in Macro Status window"
  • New Standard Macro instructions CheckId, CheckMsgType, and ClearOutput
  • Column "Connection" of Receive/Transmit lists separated into "Connection" (connection name) and "Net Connection" (NetName@DeviceName), and in Connection Window renamed to "Net Connection"
  • New columns "Hardware" and "Filter" in the Connections window
  • New column "ID" in the Timing Errors Window and in the timeouts log file
  • New option "Allow multiple instances" in the External Tools dialog box
  • New command for Trace windows to find the timestamp of a selected message in an open Plotter window
  • New possibility to register transmit callback functions in Add-ins
  • Object model: New property AddIn.ExtensibilityObject
  • New possibility to include Callback DLLs in a project
  • Added new example projects for Add-ins and Callback DLLs
  • The previously hidden option to create a Debug Logfile is now accessible in the Options dialog box
  • Improvements in the setup program to eliminate digital signature verification problems under Windows® 7


  • The OnApplicationShutDown event was triggered only after all documents and windows were closed. Now the event is triggered before to give all windows the possibility to react to it

Bug fixes:

  • If a Trace file was exported with the option "Signals - CSV", the timestamps were not exported with the selected decimal separator
  • Changing the Data Bytes per Row or Data Bytes per Column values in the Receive/Transmit hex-view area via the context menu triggered an exception error
  • Motorola float variables and Motorola signed/unsigned variables that were not aligned to data byte boundaries were incorrectly decoded if the underlying CAN message had more than 8 data bytes
  • Object Model: Access violation in method Windows.Add if an unknown GUID was specified
  • The internal calculation of the minimum message length for symbols without a data length specification failed if the symbol contained only a single one-bit variable at bit position 0
  • After manually adding an Add-in in the Add-in Manager dialog box, the Tools menu was not immediately updated so the Add-in's commands were not visible
  • If the option "Valid for all Data Lengths" was enabled for a CAN FD symbol/multiplexer, variables located beyond the first 64 bits could not be decoded in the Receive List
  • The automatically determined default data length of CAN FD transmit symbols/multiplexers could be invalid, since CAN FD allows only a specific set of data lengths, which was not taken into account
  • If a connection has been removed in the Connections Window and then a new one has been added, an error message "Error - Property BitRate does not exist" was displayed
  • If a J1939 source address was specified in the CAN ID of a symbol that differed from the Preferred Address of the connection, then any transmit message created by the Instruments Panel based on such a symbol had a wrong CAN ID, since the default behavior of PCAN-Explorer was to insert the preferred/claimed address as the source address
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor