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2018-12-13 - Version 6.2.2 release now available


  • Options and Project Settings dialog boxes are now sizeable
  • Redesigned grid update mechanism in Receive/Transmit lists to avoid possible grid painting problems

Bug fixes:

  • An Access Violation error occurred if the J1939 Add-in was enabled after a new project was created and then a J1939 connection was added
  • If a J1939 connection was being enabled and the J1939 Add-in was not loaded, an incorrect error message was shown
  • Loading and upgrading a PCAN-Explorer 5 project silently failed if the layout file (*.dsk) was not found
  • When the news feed was updated, an endless loop of requesting the feed from the internet could occur
  • Parsing an enum range in a Symbols file triggered the error 'Integer value expected' if the previous enum value had a comment text associated with it
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor