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2019-03-26 - Version 6.3.0 release now available


  • New Tracer option to control whether the file name and path is written into the trace file header
  • New Tracer option to append the name of a message filter, which has been applied to a Tracer, to the name of the filtered trace
  • New possibility in a Trace window to apply a message filter that is not explicitly selected in the Filter drop-down list. The Apply Filter button now opens its own submenu, which contains all filters of the current project
  • New options to control the actions that are carried out when the Reset command is executed
  • Added missing reserved words of VBScript macros to be highlighted in the text editor
  • New possibility to export fully qualified names of symbols, variables, and signals when exporting data from a tracer or from a message list

Bug fixes:

  • When a tracer was in Record Pause mode, filtering the trace did not yield any results
  • If a large tracer was filtered and the applied filter was deleted while the filtering operation was still running, an Access Violation occurred
  • If the Reset command was executed quickly several times in succession, the transmission of cyclic transmit messages was delayed more and more
  • Running a macro from the Macro dialog box could cause a deadlock
  • If the Trace window was configured to show differential timestamps, the first line in the window showed a dash for the timestamp instead of the actual time difference
  • Selecting the Hide command from the context menu in the Watch window caused an Access Violation error
  • When the Reset button in the Connections window was clicked and the window did not currently have the input focus, an Access Violation error could occur
  • If a Trace file was opened in dynamic or ring/linear mode that contained an umlaut or other special character in the comment section, e.g. the path specification of the trace file, PCAN-Explorer froze for a certain time, and no data was read from the file
  • The Keyboard page in the Options dialog box showed wrong images for all commands of Add-ins
  • If a symbol/multiplexer/variable was selected in the Project Manager, a 'Catastrophic failure' or Access Violation error could occur when the Symbols file was edited externally and then reloaded and applied in PCAN-Explorer
  • Sorting the contents of the Properties window could lead to an Access Violation if the window was empty
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor: