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2019-06-07 - Version 6.3.1 release now available


  • When exporting data from a tracer with the option Signals-CSV, it was not possible to export signals of types String or Raw
  • The Arguments dialog box, which can be displayed when an External Tool is run, is now sizeable and has a multi-line input field
  • New button in the Arguments dialog box to translate/evaluate argument macros
  • New option to control whether hint windows with Variable values in Trace windows are displayed even when a Trace window or the whole application does not have the focus
  • Improved performance of the application's closing process
  • Removed Symbols File error code 58 (Factor 0 will cause division by zero) - a factor of 0 is now allowed for variables and signals
  • New option to check whether the maximum number of allowed arguments per Standard Macro instruction has been exceeded
  • Better handling of Windows End Session event, which is also triggered by the Setup when it detects a running instance of PCAN-Explorer. In most cases, the running process was not correctly terminated

Bug fixes:

  • If a trace file with an older file format was opened and then in the same tracer a new recording was started that required a newer format, the error 'Invalid timestamp format' was shown in the Trace window for every recorded message
  • The Keyboard page in the Options dialog box showed wrong images for external tools
  • The mechanism of assigning and managing keyboard shortcuts in the Options dialog box did not work as expected
  • When the floating News window was being docked to the main window, the news list appeared empty until the docked window was changed in size
  • If a docked tool window was dragged on top of another floating window, the dock operation was internally cancelled but the dragged window disappeared, if it was the only one in its former dock container
  • Messages that were blocked by the filter of the Receive List could cause Access Violations that were handled internally but could cause unpredictable behavior
  • Messages with the SingleShot message type were not included in bus load when the bus load was calculated by the software and not by the connected PCAN hardware
  • When one of the PCI hardware types PCAN-PCI/104-Express FD, PCAN-miniPCIe FD, PCAN-Chip PCIe FD, or PCAN-M.2 was used by a connection, the hardware-based bus load calculation was not used, PCAN-Explorer calculated the bus load itself
  • If a multiplexed data message was received and then an RTR message with the same ID and length, the data message in the Receive List was overwritten with the RTR message
  • Several fixes regarding ampersand characters in file names, connection names, filter names, signal names, Standard Macro names, etc.
  • When the system was shutting down and PCAN-Explorer had unsaved changes, the application closed all open files already when it handled the query to save modifications to its files, and did not wait until the application was actually closed
  • When a VBS macro quickly paused and resumed cyclic transmission of messages in the Transmit list, the sending was not correctly restarted
  • Specifying a DLC of 0 for a multiplexer resulted in a multiplexer valid for all data lengths
  • The enabled state of the Debug Log option was not properly stored and restored
  • Some other minor bug fixes and improvements

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN Symbol Editor

Changes, improvements, and bug fixes in the PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor: