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2019-12-02 - Version 6.3.4 release now available


  • New possibility to automatically delete a temporary trace file after it has been saved under a different file name with Save As
  • Added 'Clear all' command to Watch window context menu
  • Parsing of Standard Macro files has been optimized and accelerated
  • Some other minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • If a large factor or offset value was specified for a variable, e.g. 1E20, an overflow error occurred when the variable was decoded so that the message list containing the variable was no longer painted properly
  • If a Trace with more than 10000 entries and using one of the buffer types Dynamic, Linear, or Ring was saved, the trace file was still marked as unsaved even if the save operation succeeded
  • Date/time of news feed entries was not converted from GMT to local time before determining whether a news entry was marked as *New* with respect to the last time the News window was updated
  • Object Model: Method Windows.CloseAll was included in documentation but actually didn't exist
  • When saving a new file, it was tried to cut a possible file extension from the file name, which had the effect that points in filenames like in 'Trace1.2.3_filtered' truncated the file name proposed in the Save As dialog box to 'Trace1.2.trc'
  • The enabled state of the Trace window option 'Show hex data in Pause and Stop modes' was lost after closing the window
  • Signed signals/variables configured for hexadecimal output were not always printed with the correct number of hex digits if the signal/variable had a negative value
  • Manually removing individual messages from the Receive list could trigger Access Violation errors if another Symbols file was previously assigned to a connection
  • If the data bytes of a CAN message were edited in the Edit Message dialog box, an entered hex value was not corrected or reformatted if it had only one digit
  • Creating a package for a new and unsaved project failed
  • Some other minor bug fixes


  • The BRS bit of a CAN FD message is now an additional key value so that two messages with the same ID but different BRS states are shown in separate lines in the Receive List

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