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2020-02-17 - Version 6.3.5 release now available


  • The Standard Macro instruction "ExecuteCommand" prints an error message in the Standard Macro window if the specified command was not found, and a normal status message if the call succeeded
  • Added the possibility to sort the Receive list by the additional columns "Timing Errors", "Cycle Time", "Min. Cycle Time", "Max. Cycle Time", "Count", "Msg. Rate", and the Transmit list by the additional columns "Cycle Time" and "Count"
  • Some other minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • The order of signals with identical names in the Select Signal dialog box was not correct if the Signal Name display mode was set to "Short Names"
  • Picking a signal in the Select Signal dialog box did not always assign the correct signal if multiple signals with identical names were available and the global Signal Name display mode was set to "Short Names"
  • When executing an External Tool, multiple optional arguments were provided to the tool as a single argument enclosed in double quotes
  • Since version 6.3.4, the bus status "OK" triggered a blinking "New Events" indicator in the status bar


  • The Symbols file parser now checks whether ordinal values of Enums are within the permitted range. If a value is not within the permitted range, one of two new Symbols error codes 160/161 is triggered

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor