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2020-04-30 - Version 6.3.6 release now available


  • New Connection property "Include in Reset", which is also stored in the project file
  • Debug Log file output improved
  • Some minor user interface improvements

Bug fixes:

  • The split bar in the Receive/Transmit window that divides message lists and Hex View could not be moved properly with the mouse if the Transmit List was maximized
  • If the application window was minimized and external changes to a loaded file were detected when the user clicked on the Task Bar icon to activate the application, a prompt to choose whether to reload the file was shown but the application window stayed minimized
  • Selecting the Reset menu item on the Connections menu without actually clicking on it already executed the Reset command
  • After disabling or enabling a Connection, the status of the Connection shown in the Connections window did not always reflect the actual state of the CAN controller
  • Creating a transmit message via Drag-and-drop of a Symbol or Multiplexer from the Project Manager to a Transmit List did not correctly initialize all properties of the message. Additionally, each Symbol and Multiplexer could only be dragged into the list once
  • Several smaller fixes concerning the user interface

PCAN-Symbol Editor