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2020-10-30 - Version 6.4.0 release now available


  • New option to show relative and differential timestamps in Trace windows in 1 microsecond resolution
  • New option to show long names of Variables in Receive List, Transmit list, and in data hint window of Trace windows
  • New option to keep Variable values visible in the Data column of Receive and Transmit lists even if the column is not wide enough
  • New option to right-align Variable names in Receive and Transmit lists
  • New possibility to export long names of Variables when exporting messages from a Tracer to a text or CSV file
  • The widths of the columns in a Transmit list window are now stored in the Layout file (*.dsk) of the project
  • Automation interface: New Application.TimestampServices property that returns a TimestampServices object, which can be used to access different time- and timestamp-related properties and helper functions (not accessible via VBS macros, since it only implements the COM interface IPETimestampServices)
  • Automation interface: New possibility to set the PCANClientConnection.HardwareBitrate.ParameterString property to change the bit rate of a hardware at runtime
  • Automation interface: New methods IPEEnum.GetComment and IPEEnum.GetOrdinalRange
  • Some other minor improvements

Bug fixes:

  • After reinstalling PCAN-Explorer under a different location, the tools PCAN Status Display and PCAN Nets Configuration could no longer be launched from the Tools menu because their paths were not adjusted
  • By default, Transmit List files are now always saved using a format that includes the bus assignments of the messages. Previously, an older format was used if the Transmit List contained only messages for one bus
  • Changing one of the Transmit List options that control the actions performed when executing the Reset command had no effect on opened Transmit List windows. Changing the options only took effect after a Transmit List window was closed and reopened
  • After moving the split bar dividing the message lists in the Receive/Transmit window so far to the bottom that the Receive List automatically maximized, and then pressing the Restore lists button, when trying to move the split bar with the mouse, the Receive List was immediately maximized again
  • After deactivating and reactivating a connection that had bus load calculation enabled, the bus load value in the Connections window was no longer updated and it seemed that the bus load calculation was not working at all
  • If the timestamp display mode of a Trace window was set to 'Differential', negative timestamp differences were shown as very large positive numbers
  • The application could crash caused by a buffer overflow when a String variable was decoded that was located completely beyond the data length of the CAN FD or J1939 message being processed
  • If the PCAN-Explorer main window was maximized and a Symbols file of the loaded project was edited with an external text editor, the main window was restored to its normal size when it detected the external change of the file and prompted the user to accept the changes
  • Pressing Enter while a cell was edited in the Edit Variables dialog box closed the dialog box immediately and did not give the user the possibility to edit other variable values
  • If a VBS macro was selected in the global Macro dropdown-list and the project was closed, the macro reference was still stored in the main window and could lead to a subsequent Access Violation error when the application was closed
  • After pasting a message from the clipboard into a Transmit List, the new message was selected but it was not scrolled into view.
  • Some other minor bug fixes


  • Moved ‘Actions for Reset Command’ options in Options dialog box from page ‘Receive/Transmit’ to a new page ‘Actions on Reset’


PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor