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2021-09-22 - Version 6.5.0 release now available


  • When a package of the current project is created, the Instructions.txt file now includes information about the bit rate timing parameters of the individual PCAN nets
  • New Standard Macro instruction StatusOutput to control output of status messages in the Macro Status window
  • New Standard Macro instructions WaitSignal, CheckSignal, and PrintSignal
  • New option to change the version of the trace file format to be used by default
  • The CAN-IDs entered for a message filter item configured to 'CAN-ID Range' are checked if they are within range, and the 'From' value can no longer be smaller than the 'To' value
  • Automation interface: The same rules that apply for configuring CAN IDs of a message filter item in the user interface are now applied while setting the properties IDfrom and IDto of the MessageFilterItem object
  • Data bytes of CAN messages are now drawn with fixed-width hex characters to prevent fluttering of data byte display

Bug fixes:

  • If a tracer was configured to show differential timestamps and two successive messages in the trace had identical timestamps, instead of the time difference 0, only a dash was displayed which could give the impression that there was no timestamp information at all
  • When a transmit message was copied and pasted via the clipboard, the message comment was truncated if it contained a quote character
  • After renaming a Symbols file in the Project Manager or Properties window, any associations with connections were lost and Watch window entries that were based on the Symbols file lost their association with the signal
  • When the window layout was reset in the Options dialog box, any unsaved changes in open files were discarded without notification
  • A Tracer showed the message type ‘J1939TP’ for CAN messages with DLC > 8 even if the associated connection did not use the J1939 protocol
  • While installing PCAN-Explorer, virus protection tools like McAfee should no longer warn about temporary files with double file name extensions
  • Some other minor bug fixes


  • A CycleTime parameter of a symbol defined in the {RECEIVE} section is now ignored
  • It is no longer possible to apply a Symbols file that has a period in its file name
  • It is no longer possible to include a period in the name of a Symbols file when renaming it in the Project Manager or Properties window

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor