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2022-06-14 - Version 6.6.0 release now available


  • Added support for newer CAN controller features 'Timestamps at Start-of-Frame', 'Tx Self-Acknowledge', and 'Ignore BRS'
  • Increased the time after plug-out of copy protection dongle until application shuts down to 60 seconds
  • New possibility to override hardware options of an already initialized CAN interface with settings stored in the project when enabling a connection or when loading a project with enabled connections
  • Many smaller user interface and performance improvements

Bug fixes:

  • Under Windows® 11 some controls in the Edit Message dialog box were not painted correctly
  • An Access Violation could occur in the Select Signal dialog window when the selection in the Filter drop-down list was changed
  • The Error Frames property of J1939 connections could not be configured in the Project Settings dialog
  • Values for variables of type 'Raw' entered in the Edit Variables dialog box were always stored in the CAN message beginning at data byte 0
  • The Callback Library window did not properly handle the case if a callback DLL could not be loaded
  • The Macro dropdown-list in the toolbar sometimes contained entries for Standard Macros that no longer existed, and the Run macro command could not be accessible for a selected Macro entry under certain circumstances
  • Object Model: Trying to set the Filter property of the ReceiveMessages collection, Tracer object, or Connection object to NULL/Nothing triggered an Access Violation error
  • Object Model: A SafeArray retrieved via DataArray properties from interfaces derived from IPEMessage now exist as long as its owning Message object to avoid problems in Add-ins using .NET


  • Requires Windows® 10 or higher
  • The setup no longer includes the outdated PEAK Hardware control panel, and it comes with new major versions of the PCAN Nets Configuration and PCAN Status Display tools (v5.0)
  • The PCAN-API 2 library (CanApi2.dll) is no longer included in the installation

PCAN-Explorer Add-ins and PCAN-Symbol Editor