Software Information

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The following tables contain the latest information about our software products and APIs.

Software Products

Designation Version  Download 
PCAN-View 4.2.1 Download
PLIN-View Pro 2.1.1
PCAN-Trace 1.8.0
PCAN-FMS Simulator 1 1.1.9
PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 2.6.1
PCAN-Explorer 66.2.0
PCAN-Explorer 6: Plotter Add-in 66.2.0
PCAN-Explorer 6: Instruments Panel Add-in 66.2.0
PCAN-Explorer 6: CANdb-Import Add-in 66.2.0
PCAN-Explorer 6: J1939 Add-in 66.2.0
PCAN Symbol Editor 66.2.0
PCAN-Explorer 5 5.4.2
PCAN-Explorer 5: Plotter Add-in 2 2.4.1
PCAN-Explorer 5: Instruments Panel Add-in 33.3.4
PCAN-Explorer 5: CANdb-Import Add-in 33.0.15
PCAN-Explorer 5: J1939 Add-in 1.6.3
PCAN Symbol Editor 33.2.2Download
PCAN-Explorer 4 4.0.15
PCAN-Explorer 4: Plotter Add-in1.5.13
PCAN-Explorer 4: Instruments Panel Add-in 22.0.12
PCAN-Explorer 4: CANdb-Import Add-in 22.0.10
PCAN Symbol Editor 2 2.0.4

Configuration Software

Designation Version  Download 
PPCAN-Editor 22.1.0Download
PCAN-MicroMod Configuration2.5.7Download
PCAN-LIN Configuration3.0.8Download
Thermocouple Configuration1.3.0Download
PCAN-Diag Editor1.2.1Download
PCAN-Diag FD Editor1.0.2Download
Virtual PCAN-Gateway1.3.1


Designation Version  Download 
PCAN Nets Configuration4.1.4
PCAN Status Display4.1.4
PEAK Hardware Control Panel Applet (PEAKCPL)4.2.1
PEAK System Information2.0.4Download
PLIN Status Display2.0.0
Plot Viewer1.0.3Download
COTI DLL for CANopen® Conformance Test Tool2.0.3Download

Development Packages & Application Programming Interfaces

Designation Version  Download 
PCAN-Developer 44.1.1
PCAN-Developer 33.0.10
PCAN-API 4 (CanApi4.dll)4.2.0
PCAN-API 2 (CanApi2.dll)2.58.0
PCAN-Basic (Linux)
PCAN-RP1210-A API2.6.0
PCAN-RP1210-C API2.0.6
PCAN-CCP API2.1.0Download
PCAN-XCP API2.2.0Download
PCAN-PassThru API1.1.3Download
PCAN-ISO-TP API2.0.2Download
PCAN-UDS API1.3.1Download
PCAN-OBD-2 API1.1.1Download
Windows® CE-API1.0.1Download
PLIN-API (requires a PC LIN interface from PEAK-System)2.6.2Download

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