channel2 got ESI while MATLAB set up channel1

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channel2 got ESI while MATLAB set up channel1

Postby agorgeousday » Mon 17. Dec 2018, 07:03

Hi Sir,

I am using PCAN-USB Pro FD(2 x CAN FD) to develop MATLAB application.I am wondering why channel2 received CAN packets normally until MATLAB set up channel1 with command
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canChannel('PEAK-System', 'PCAN_USBBUS1', 'ProtocolMode', 'CAN FD');

Does it mean when channel1 reset, and channel2 set up also ?

Error message please check the figure
2018-12-17_135533.png (98.21 KiB) Viewed 741 times
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Re: channel2 got ESI while MATLAB set up channel1

Postby U.Wilhelm » Mon 17. Dec 2018, 09:31

We do not know how MathWorks have implemented the function, but when they using 1:1 our API, you could init and work with every CAN Channel completely independent. Maybe you better contact the developer of the MathLab Intergration (MathWorks)
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