Software to Decode CAN Messages with PCAN-USB?

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Software to Decode CAN Messages with PCAN-USB?

Postby clint » Thu 30. May 2019, 22:21


Can you help me learn if there is a free to download and distribute software like PCAN-View that can be used to breakdown the CAN messages into the true data that they represent? I'm thinking something like a DBC file. I'm planning to pack about 30 diagnostics status messages into an isolated diagnostic CAN bus and I need a way that customers can open up this information and see raw joystick positions and similar things.

Thank you very much!
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Re: Software to Decode CAN Messages with PCAN-USB?

Postby U.Wilhelm » Fri 31. May 2019, 08:41

You could very easy build it by your own, using the Software API we give away with every CAN Interface.
(PCAN-Basic). Or you search on the Internet (Busmaster) for free Tools which support it.
But the best working choise is to invest some money for a proffesional Tool, like PCAN-Explorer.
When you want to make money with your customer, you also could spend some money, or invest time and write it by your own :mrgreen: . Not all is free in life...
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