PCAN_Basic DLL file error

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PCAN_Basic DLL file error

Postby Habeb » Mon 2. Nov 2015, 11:59

I am using PCAN_USB first time. I am using QT framework in Window7 prof x64 environment.

I am getting error
File not recognized:file format not recognized

IN my code (in .pro file) path to DLL file is as following

LIBS += "C:/MyDevelopment/PcanLinker/build-PcanPortLinker-Desktop_Qt_5_5_0_MinGW_32bit-Debug/debug/PCANBasic.dll"

this is how i am calling function in my cpp file to initialize PCAN.
result = CAN_Initialize(PCAN_USBBUS1, PCAN_BAUD_250K);

I downloaded the PCAN_BASIC API version for windows and copy DLL file form x64/PCANBasic.dll

I am not using .lib file into my application.
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Re: PCAN_Basic DLL file error

Postby M.Maidhof » Mon 2. Nov 2015, 14:16


please remove all PCANBasic.dlls from your local directory, and copy them as written in the readme.txt of PCANBasic API:

Windows 32-bit systems:
32-bit DLL > Windows\System32

Windows 64-bit systems:
32-bit DLL > Windows\SysWOW64
64-bit DLL > Windows\System32

For me it looks like you want to use a 32bit application with a 64bit dll.

best regards

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