Question about CAN bus data send in labview

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Question about CAN bus data send in labview

Postby workhard10 » Wed 2. Dec 2015, 10:35

I have bought the PCAN-USB optoentkoppelt and LabView-Treiber für PCAN-Basic. I have a PCB relay board with CAN bus interface. I have tried the board with PcanView.exe, It works successful, I can send data and get the right feedback.

I have three questions:

1. How can I send data to my relay card board in labviw? According to your "SEND example" I build my view, but I can't send any data to my relay board. You can see my view and the blockdiagramm in my attachment "can not start.pdf", Can you tell me, how I can send the data to my relay card?

2. Sometimes I can't run my view. It stops quickly when I press the "run buttom". These is same problem in "SEND CAN data" example. why? how can I resolved the problem? (see my attachment "can not start.pdf"")

3. what's the different between the "CAN MSG Cluster" between the Cluster from "SEND CAN data" example and from the library. I can see one has only input, and the the other has only output. why? you can see my attachment "why.pdf"

I look forward to your reply, thank you!
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Re: Question about CAN bus data send in labview

Postby Martin1234 » Thu 3. Dec 2015, 20:42


in LabVIEW there are thre possible functions of the same Thing.
If you place a control on the front panel and you want to Change it from 'control' to 'indicator' than you have to hover with the Cursor over the control, click the right mouse button and select Change to indicator.
If you select a control and drag it into the block diagram ithan it will Change into a constant.


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