PCAN- Router Pro acquisition software

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PCAN- Router Pro acquisition software

Postby marcoBylogix » Wed 20. Apr 2016, 14:39

Hello, I'm using PCAN Router to acquire CAN Messages. I'm using PCAN Converter to convert files into ASC files for canalyzer. Our customers does not have Canalyzer too and they asked me is PEAK has a software to analyzer acquisition files. Please can you suggest a your software product to analyzer CAN signals from PCAN router pro acquisitions?

Thank you

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Re: PCAN- Router Pro acquisition software

Postby M.Maidhof » Wed 20. Apr 2016, 15:30


a trace file is a ASCII file which you can read with a text editor, If you like to see the data in a symbolic way, or in a plot, we offer the PCAN-Explorer 5 software and the Plotter Add-In. When you load a symbol or dbc for that specific trace file, you can see the data with its symbolized values, and it will also be possible to export it to csv or display it in a plot window.


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