USB dongle driver problem WIN7 64bit

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USB dongle driver problem WIN7 64bit

Postby maha04 » Wed 11. May 2016, 11:41


I have some trouble with the USB CAN dongle (IPEH-2022)
The part worked fine a long time, suddenly the dongle could not be found on any USB port.
After connecting the LED flashes for a short time, nothing else. I have tried already to uninstall and install again, no change, even by deleting all PCAN devices from the registry and WIN Driver directory (soem keys could not be deleted). The dongle works perfect on another similar PC, hopefully somebody could help.

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Re: USB dongle driver problem WIN7 64bit

Postby M.Maidhof » Wed 11. May 2016, 12:51


did you install the latest updates for Windows 7? What kind of error is displayed in the device manager of Windows.
You can also send us an email to our support addresse with those information.


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Re: USB dongle driver problem WIN7 64bit

Postby geocept » Tue 17. May 2016, 11:20

Same for me.

PCAN-FMS Simulator 2 is no longer working. The USB-Dongle is not recognized by your Software in Device manager it is displayed as "HID konformes Gerät" without displaying an error.
Please fix urgent we need your Software for our test bench every day.

Kind regards,

Michael Ring
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Re: USB dongle driver problem WIN7 64bit

Postby U.Wilhelm » Tue 17. May 2016, 13:49

geocept :
you mix something up! The user maha04 talk about the USB CAN Interface. You talk about a USB Protection dongle. Check the USB protection dongle in a different PC, check if the red LED is on, while the key is plugged in. If the protected software still do not work, send the unit back to us - we need to check it.
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