MicroMod Configurator Issues

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MicroMod Configurator Issues

Postby NickFlybridSystems » Mon 19. Sep 2011, 10:25


I have been trying to use MicroMod configurator for a MicroMod Mix 1. When I connect the device I can see it sending messages in PCAN View, but cannot connect to it in Configurator. I think the problem is that the program cannot find the hardware, as the only connection option I get is to connect to an internal net, not the USB net.

Many thanks,

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Re: MicroMod Configurator Issues

Postby G.Lang » Mon 19. Sep 2011, 11:34

Dear Nick,

please close all PEAK software, switch to the control panel and double click the "CAN-Hardware" icon

controlpanel.jpg (284.86 KiB) Viewed 2572 times

and set the PCAN-USB adaptor as active device

set_usb_as_active_device.jpg (67.9 KiB) Viewed 2572 times

then start the PCAN-MicroMod software and you are able to select the net assigned to the USB-adaptor.

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