PCAN-Explorer 5 symbol table testing

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PCAN-Explorer 5 symbol table testing

Postby Stewie232 » Mon 19. Dec 2016, 17:20

Is there a way to feed custom CAN messages through a symbol table to to ensure it parses everything correctly without having any external hardware connected?

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Re: PCAN-Explorer 5 symbol table testing

Postby U.Wilhelm » Tue 20. Dec 2016, 08:44

Yes, simply start PCAN-Explorer two times - connect them to the same NET (use a virtual NET - one without real HW) and use in both PE5 the same Symbole file (be sure that you have defindes the Symbols as bidirectional, so that you copuld send and receive them). Then transmit from one PE5 the Signals and you will see if they are received correct in the 2nd one. To check if it is exact the HEX Databytes you want to send, you could also connect a 3rd Application (PCAN-View) and send and receice CAN Messages.
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