Decode a CAN frame in node.js web server

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Decode a CAN frame in node.js web server

Postby flobig » Mon 27. Feb 2017, 13:15

I would like to communicate between the PCAN Ethernet Gateway and my own web application on my computer. To do so, I deactivated the handshake as explained in the user manual. However, I am not able to make my application work and to decode the CAN data that is encapsulated in the Ethernet frame. I can read some data but it's completely encoded and the server cannot display an understandable message in log. I did look at the C# example you provided but in my case I have to write this driver in node.js. I tried using a raw-socket package but it’s not clear to me... Would you have by any chance an application example in JavaScript or know what the problem might be ? Thanks in advance.
When trying to decode the CAN frame
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Re: Decode a CAN frame in node.js web server

Postby U.Wilhelm » Mon 27. Feb 2017, 15:54

We have no JavaScript sample (very uncommon language for analyzing CAN Frames..) But the Data Structure is very simple and very well explained - see PCAN-Gateways Developer Documentation PDF, page 9.
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It must be a problem with your Datatypes you use.
For me it looks as you simply print out the Data as ASCII Code...but these are binary Data !

Please check this first:
• Switch Handshake of the used system off
• Define ONE route from CAN1 to IP:, set Handshake off, use UDP, port yyy
• Create CAN Traffic on the CAN1
• Open on the target PC with the IP (don’t care if Linux, Windows, iOS, UNIX etc…) your Wireshark Tool. Listen in WireShark on the defined port yyy
We also offer a wire shark LUA extension so that yopu could "sniff" also the traffic using Wireshark and see how the packate is build. See here:
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You will see the incoming Messages from the CAN Gateway – that’s all – the rest is your own software.
Here you find a screen of a simple incoming UDP Stream on port 52000 to IP in WireShark (using the Injector – but you also could run without)
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Re: Decode a CAN frame in node.js web server

Postby flobig » Tue 28. Feb 2017, 14:48

Thank you for your response. I think I understand what my problem is. The reason why I am using JavaScript is because I need to communicate between the gateway and a web application. The tricky part for me is developing a driver-like application to enable the Ethernet communication between my web application and the Gateway, and of course decoding/encoding the data in the CAN frame.
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