Regarding PCAN Explorer Macro

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Regarding PCAN Explorer Macro

Postby howard » Fri 16. Dec 2011, 17:17

I have an virtual variable which is 4 bytes unsigned type
I have to put this value in a char array before transmitting via PCAN

Set TrimValue = Signals("Trim Value (Set)")

Data(2) = TrimValue.Value/16777216 '2^24 i used this because i think right shift does not work in 'PCAN
Data(3) = TrimValue.Value/65536 '2^16
Data(4) = TrimValue.Value/256 '2^8
Data(2) = TrimValue.Value & &HFF

But Data(2) keeps overflowing.

Please can anyone help me resolve this issue.
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Re: Regarding PCAN Explorer Macro

Postby M.Maidhof » Mon 19. Dec 2011, 10:28


to cut a 4byte value into bytes, you should use the integer division "\"

Data(2) = (TrimValue.Value \ 16777216) And &HFF
Data(3) = (TrimValue.Value \ 65536) And &HFF
Data(4) = (TrimValue.Value \ 256) And &HFF

Data[2] was used a second time, sure you want do that, or is it just a typo?

Data(2) = TrimValue.Value & &HFF will not work in that way, it will add 255 to an existing value:
example: TrimValue.Value = 10 , the result of your line will be 10255 than.

here is a better solution:
Data(2) = TrimValue.Value And &HFF

best regards

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