PCAN-View with PCAN-USB Pro FD

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PCAN-View with PCAN-USB Pro FD

Postby dadefay » Thu 6. Jul 2017, 11:22


I experiment a very strange problem :

My 250 kbps CAN bus has two nodes, a PIC32-based application and a third-party equipment; with only these two nodes connected, all seems to be working fine, the equipment follows CAN commands and the PIC32 detects no CAN error.

When the PCAN-USB is connected to the CAN bus (in listen-only mode), all is still working fine but PCAN-View misses a large among of messages; the PIC32 still detects no CAN error.

If I disconnect the third-party equipment and reconfigure PCAN-View for normal reception, it still misses messages, the log indicates different types of errors, mainly "Acknowledge delimiter"; and now the PIC32 detects transmission errors.

A timing problem seems obvious, but, this is why I told about a strange problem, all these troubles disappear if I switch the CAN bus to 1 Mbps !

Does anybody have an idea of what can happend ? Last (usefull ?) information, the PIC32 CAN modue is programmed as follows :
- Time quanta : 0.5 µs
- Propagation Time Segment : 1
- Phase Segment 1 Length : 3
- Phase Segment 2 Length : 3
- Sync Jump Width : 1

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Re: PCAN-View with PCAN-USB Pro FD

Postby U.Wilhelm » Thu 6. Jul 2017, 13:53

You need to setup all CAN nodes to the EXACT identical timing!
Open PCAN-View - sekect CAN-USB, use the Button right to the Bitrate Settings and select "Manage Bit Rate"
Build your own Setup for the PCAN-USB with exact the timings you use in you µC board.
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Re: PCAN-View with PCAN-USB Pro FD

Postby dadefay » Sat 8. Jul 2017, 18:50

Thank you U.Wilhelm. I don't know the exact settings of the third party node - they don't supply details other the the bus speed - but I solved the problem by adjusting the Sync Jump Width in the Manage Bit Rates dialog box. No more error is detected now.

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