PCAN Explorer - how to associate a database to a .trc file?

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PCAN Explorer - how to associate a database to a .trc file?

Postby djiang » Wed 22. Feb 2012, 03:12

Does anyone know how to open a .trc file and then associate a CAN database to it in PCAN Explorer so that the hex data is translated into useful signals?

I can see the signals and their values for each CAN message while I'm taking a trace by mousing over the hex data but when I try to reopen an old trace, I notice that the hex data is no longer being translated to signals.

When I try to export the trace file to a CSV file, PCAN explore says that no signals are found. How do I get PCAN Explorer to reassociate a trace file's data with actual CAN signals again?
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Re: PCAN Explorer - how to associate a database to a .trc fi

Postby M.Maidhof » Wed 22. Feb 2012, 10:39


you have to load a symbol file or dbc first, to translate the loaded trace file into signals. When using PE5, please check that you use the same bus number in the connection properties. (see trace file for used bus number of your old trace file)


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