Python Example for PCAN-USB FD

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Python Example for PCAN-USB FD

Postby Jerome V » Wed 9. May 2018, 10:39

Hello all,

I'm using python in order to test some CAN Frame.
I have used my script with a white PCAN-USB and the python script works without any problem.

I use the python-can module in order to configure the communication and the send and receive function.

But now, I have a black PCAN-USB FD and my python script doesnt work with this product.
I see that I need to configure the FD option and the baudrate.

Do you have a python example in order to configure this product please ?

Thanks and best regards,

Jerome V
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Re: Python Example for PCAN-USB FD

Postby K.Wagner » Wed 9. May 2018, 11:21


which API are you using? which error(s) are you seeing? Are you able to at least connect to the device?

Please note that all our USB devices can be transparently compatible with our APIs, this means, if you don't need the FD communication, you can use a PCAN-USB FD just in the same way you use the normal PCAN-USB. The FD capability must be extra activated, in case of PCAN-Basic, using a different initialization function.
Best regards,
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Software Development
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