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Postby singlequestion » Thu 12. Jul 2018, 12:19

Hey everyone,

another question for understanding. PCAN-VIEW needs a given CAN-ID for a message request. Where do I find these CAN-ID's, that my pcan usb can understand them?

My Setup is the following


Now i want to send a message like: 06 00 02 00 00 00 00 00, and I have to fill in the CAN-ID. I studied all papers from my module but i am not able to find any ID to put in there. Is it a general id i can put here in? In the Internet I found sth. like 0x7DF.

maybe you can help me. Thanks a lot again!
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Re: Can-Identifier

Postby M.Maidhof » Thu 12. Jul 2018, 12:30


the CAN ID is depending on your CAN module. So please contact the manufacturer of the module to get more details on how to communicate with that device. A PCAN-USB is like a phone, you have to use the right language to be able to speak to another CAN node. PCAN-USB can send/receive any CAN 2.0a/b CAN message.


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