Flash .rpg file

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Flash .rpg file

Postby yhadad » Thu 20. Dec 2018, 05:27


I currently use PCAN-PassThru to flash certain modules with .hex files. There are other modules that I flash using New Eagle Raptor software and a kvaser hardware to flash .rpg files. I want PEAK to be my primary flashing tool which leads me to this question. Can I flash with .rpg file using Peak Software and Hardware? The .rpg file format comes from an exported Matlab file. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Flash .rpg file

Postby K.Wagner » Thu 20. Dec 2018, 08:13


unfortunately not. We offer a fee free PassThru API that works with data messages as described by the PassThru specifications for following protocols: raw CAN, ISO15765. The message structure looks like:

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typedef struct {
    unsigned long ProtocolID;
    unsigned long RxStatus;
    unsigned long TxFlags;
    unsigned long Timestamp;
    unsigned long DataSize;
    unsigned long ExtraDataIndex;
    unsigned char Data[4128];

Parsing of files for automatic data download is not included in the scope of features. You need to parse the data yourself and send the information by using the structure above.
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Re: Flash .rpg file

Postby yhadad » Thu 20. Dec 2018, 15:13

Hello Mr. Wagner,

Thank you for that information :)

Kind Regards,

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